Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cookie Frenzy..

I had plenty of orders for chocolate chip cookies from my husband's colleagues and some of my friends yesterday. I was so excited because I got to pull out this huge and somewhat expensive stainless steel bowl my husband gave me last year which I only used once.

Hips and lower back still hurts but I had so much fun baking last night because I was watching Gilmore Girls season 4 at the same time. :D


Jack Medina said...

Hips and lower back still hurts - sign of aging?

And oh my!

Gilmore Girls!!!!! <3 it!!!

Cake In A Cup said...

I'm so amaze of how your cupcake look like. The icing color, the designs and the toppings I just couldn't resist viewing those cupcake pics.. :) Yummy!

Cake In A Cup

KC Monteras said...

thank you so much for checking it out.. :D

Suhaina said...

choc chip cookies looks incredible...

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