Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thoughts and Plans..

I was thinking of something better to with the leftover chocolate cupcakes I made for my uncle's cupcake samples last week and I was planning to make cake balls. Unfortunately I ran out of time and it took me 5 days to realize I still have it in my daughter's cookie jar, so then I had no choice but to dispose of it.

Banana, Butter and Chocolate..

My blogging is kind of slow for the past weeks, not that I'm getting lazy or anything. I love blogging but it hit me, I want to work again. I'm planning to get a job next year, of course with my husband's approval (not sure if he's going to approve of it). I'm still going to bake and that's for sure. Actually my friend Laine and I came up with our business plan over a phone conversation. It just came up. I'm blessed to have a friend who knows everything and willing to help whatever it takes. I was thinking I could work while we're still planning our business coz I'm sure it's gonna take months of preparation for it.

I'm turning 24 on the 21st of November. I don't know why but I'm excited. I don't really celebrate my birthday the traditional way. We just go to the movies, buy a couple of stuff (books to be specific), buy cupcakes at Cupcakes by Sonja and have a lovely dinner at my favorite restaurants. I love it that way and I wouldn't ask for a better gift.

I'm happy to share that baking calendar for the month of December is full and I'm going to sure be spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

It has been a wonderful year and I have a lot of things to be thankful for. You're going to sure see more of The Dough Puncher on December. Thank you so much for checking us out. :D


elpi said...

this coming December i was planning to bake a cake but i don't have any idea of what cake should i bake.

Ellen ♥ said...

wow! I am sure that you will bake a superb cake! and why not?! working and planning for business at the same isn't bad. :) (sounds like women empowerment) haha! :)

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