Saturday, October 2, 2010

My New Baking Buddy..

It was a huge surprise when my old friend Melody called me this afternoon going crazy about wanting to learn how to bake and just the perfect timing, I'm alone for the weekend coz Kursten is at my Mom's house and husband is at work, she came over right away to pick me up. She just got married and being the typical stepford wife that I am (not really), I agreed to teach her some of the few tricks I know about baking. After a long discussion of what we are going to bake, we finally agreed to make her and her husband's favorite Banana Muffins. We used my version of the recipe except less sweet so we reduced the amount of sugar by 4 tablespoons.

making sure each muffin is of the same size.. OC..

We went to Fort Bonifacio first to buy her mom Tamales but when we got there, they ran out. So Mel bought her mom sweet meats instead (we call it 'kakanin' here in the Philippines. not sure if it's the right English term). Of course, like what I've mentioned in my earlier post, I always go to Cupcakes by Sonja every time I visit Serendra and since Melody unbelievably haven't been there before. She was like a little girl in the candy store when we stepped inside Cupcakes by Sonja and just as amazed when she took her first bite on her Chocolate Mint Cupcake. Taking her to that cupcake store turned out to be a pretty good idea coz she told me she's not a big fan before, but she is now. She said she'll definitely come back for more.

Clockwise: The Elvis, Mint Condition, Choco Cream Pie, Bunny Huggers Carrot Cake, Vanilla Sunshine and Peppermint Patty..

We were so happy that Mel's first ever baked goody turned out great. It's a good thing I have few cupcake boxes left and Mel was able to take the muffins home to his husband. I really hope he liked it. I look forward to baking again with Melody coz I honestly need a baking buddy.. 


RichieZ said...

Looks awesome as always, KC!

KC Monteras said...

Thanks Richie! :D

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