Friday, October 8, 2010

Sneaky Snickers..

I love Snickers! It is one of my favorite chocolate bars ever since I was little. I remember every time a relative comes home from the States, they give us this huge bag of assorted chocolate bars, unfortunately my sister and I had to share it with our cousins from upstairs and the next day early morning, my sister Ella would be the first one to get Snickers and take it to school, so I always end up having Milkyway or Butterfingers instead (a sad memory of my childhood). :D

This morning, while I was thinking of something better to do with my friend/regular customer Lucille's cupcakes (as a thank you gift coz she ordered 3 dozen Banana Cake with Vanilla Frosting and candy toppers for a friend's birthday. see next post.), I suddenly craved for Snickers and then I thought, Lucille will flip if she see some chopped Snickers on her cupcakes. Who wouldn't? So I went on with the plan and she did flipped when she saw the cupcakes.

I used it with Banana Cake and I honestly think it went well with Snickers. It kind of gave me the impression of Banana Split. And to make it even more heavenly, I drizzled it with Chocolate Ganache made with Vanhouten chocolate chips. Snickers is usually paired with chocolate cake but I find it a little redundant in chocolate so I thought I'd give it a little twist.

Here's the links of recipes you can try:
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