Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Ice'-ing On The Cake..

I couldn't just let a significant day for my friends and family go by without whipping up a little something for them, anyone that is important to me. I once made a birthday cake for my grandmother a couple of years ago. It honestly looked really bad, but it tasted pretty good. If you guys remember, I made Pink and Purple cupcakes for my lovely niece Bianca on her 7th birthday last year. And how could I ever forget my friend Fleur's 25 and Fabulous birthday party. Just recently, I also made my husband a birthday cake, unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures because we don't have the camera at the moment. Baking for them makes me happy.

A couple of weeks back, my sister Ella and I were planning about my niece's 1st birthday party over the phone. I was once again asked to make cupcakes and of course, I gladly took the job. Then I thought it's about time I explore the colorful world of cake decorating and make a 9 inch Chocolate Cake with Vanilla frosting. I was pretty scared at first but I went on and dominate the frosting.

It was actually not that complicated. You just need the right tools and be focused. Take your time, don't rush. Feel confident that you'll get it done and relax. That's the main thing I learned in the process.

I've been watching cake decorating videos on youtube for years and I can say it really helped me a lot. My wonderful husband also provided me with books of professional cake decorators where I discovered the dos and donts, and which flavor of frosting best matches with  different flavors of cakes. My sister Ella gave me a turntable which is one the must-haves when it come to decorating cakes specially for the round ones. I know the cake isn't perfect, but I am happy that I was able to pipe pearl borders in a cake for the first time. The little black dots were supposed to look like mickey but unfortunately didn't turn out that way but I know I can do better next time.

The cake and cupcake toppers were made by my sister. It was just simply googled, printed then taped in a toothpick and I can say it was real cute though my sister had a hard time cutting them.

I felt good about the result of my hard work, above all the little troubles I went through. I have to say it was a little better looking than I expected. :)


Joy said...

The cake is so cute.

KC Monteras said...

thank you Joy! :)

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