Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friends for Life..

Last Saturday (July 10), my friends Ram Medina, Jaja Gonzales and Gale Barcena back in HSBC where I worked in 2007, paid me a visit. Ram brought us her mom's famous Crispy Pata and Sisig, Jaja brought Lechon Manok. Gale came a little late and she wasn't able to prepare something, which is fine coz her presence is important more than anything else. Our friend JL didn't make it for some reason we haven't figured out yet, but we're pretty sure it's credible. We know JL, she keeps her promise, so maybe something more important came up. :)

The Arrival..

I baked Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream frosting (an all time favorite) for them . We spent the whole day feasting, talking about the good old days, endless picture taking and swimming. Ram requested for Spaghetti so I asked my Mom to cook. The food was awesome. The Crispy Pata was breath taking as well as the Sisig. The Lechon Manok was very appetizing because of It's mild sweetness. Mom's Spaghetti was sensational, as always. :) We're only four, but we have enough to feed ten. :)

this isn't actually the consistency I was aiming for..

It was sad that at the end of the day, we had to go our separate ways again. After all these years, they haven't changed a bit. It was so much fun being with them, no dull moments, just plain fun. Though I was thinking of what happened to JL that whole time, hoping she was just trying to surprise us, with ice cream in hand. But it's all good. :)

It feels really good to have true friends that's going to stick with you, for better or for worse, through thick and thin. :)


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