Friday, July 9, 2010

Kursten's Birthday

December 5 of year 2009, we celebrated Kursten's 3rd Birthday at McDonalds Glorrietta. We were actually aiming for McDonalds El Pueblo, the one in Ortigas but it was fully booked. It was only 3 days before the date that we were able to find a venue and lucky for us, it was near both mine and my husband's office. 

I was actually having second thoughts about the cake, to buy or to bake? But I've decided to just bake them myself, since it was my baby girl's special day.

The cupcakes turned out pretty good. I made 50 Butter cupcakes and just accessorized it with candy toppers.  I bought a cupcake tower (gold is the only available color that day) for a better presentation. It looked proffesional ;) for a rookie like me. I also brought boxes for individual cupcakes in case anyone wants to take it home. Everybody loved it.

It was a great party coz our families, friends and colleagues were there. Though Kursten had a tantrum the entire day, we still managed to have a great time.

Food was fine, the usual of course. We chose the best package available. All in all, the party was a total success despite of the last minute preparations. My husband and I were contented that the people who attended had a great time as well as our Baby Girl. :)


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