Thursday, September 16, 2010

KC's Cupcakes on Cupcakes Take The Cake!

The #1 Cupcake Blog.. Oh yeah!

For me, as a cupcake baker, for my cupcakes to be posted on Cupcakes Take The Cake is a great honor. I'm a big fan of the blog and the inspiration it gives was one of the reasons why I decided to focus on cupcakes for my home business. I'm just so happy they acknowledged my work. Thanks to my husband Jobert for helping me design those pink and yellow chocolate cupcakes. Thank God I have a creative husband. :D


January said...

congrats! :) you deserve to be there because your cupcakes look cute and delish

KC Monteras said...

Thanks January! It actually became one of my goals after I came up with this blog. Glad it's fulfilled already.. :D

ellenreviews said...

Hello! :) yummy cupcakes! :) visit me back in my page. :) and btw, I'm your new follower. follow me back :)

have a great day! :)

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