Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Fine Sunday..

Kursten was at my mom's house last week for the weekend and it was a fine day so Jobert and I decided to go to Serendra at Fort Bonifacio to take a walk and splurge a little on food and books. We thought it was the perfect time to go on a date considering we haven't had one ever since I resigned from work. I love it there. The place was wonderful and we get to see different types of people. From Paris Hilton clones with dogs in their purses to trashy skateboarders doing tricks which is kind of fun to look at. I could just stay there and read a good book all day. The ambiance was amazingly relaxing.

We first went to Cupcakes by Sonja and bought PB&J. I always make sure I try one of their flavors each time I go there for research purposes (honestly!). I've already tried Vanilla Sunshine and Chocolate Surprise, Jobert tried Flourless Chocolate Cupcake and Creme Brulee Cupcake Tart. I've read reviews of their cupcakes and most of them said the frosting was way too sweet. Maybe some of them just don't know what it's made of. As a baker, I too find frosting recipes way too sweet but I couldn't do anything about it because that's how it is. We can't control the sweetness because it's made out of pure confectioner's sugar to achieve the right consistency. For me the cupcakes were awesome. The cake has its perfect texture, a little crumby and moist that blended well with the Peanut butter frosting and Grape jam topping. Cupcakes by Sonja inspires me to not be afraid to explore new flavors and ingredients. I will surely be back there for more. :D

Photo by Manilla Gateway

Photo taken using Jobert's IPhone 3GS..

After that, we ate Razon's famous Halo-halo and Pansit Luglog for merienda at Market Market's outdoor food court.We were surrounded by beautiful flowers. How great was that?

Next stop, Fully Booked. We we're actually planning to go to the movies but it rained so hard so we decided to just stay there, read and shop for books. Jobert bought me a cupcake cookbook titled 'Wild about Cupcakes' by Rachel Lane for my research and he bought himself  2 of his favorite novels. We stayed there for an hour and a half I think. Then the rain stopped and we headed to Pancake House for dinner.

Photo by The Geek Brewery

I had Salisbury Steak and Calamansi Juice, Jobert ordered his favorite Aroz ala Cubana and Iced Tea. It was a wonderful day being with my husband. It reminded me of our dates when we were still boyfriends and girlfriends with the 'kilig' factor. It was great. I have everything I've ever wanted. A simple life and a happy family. What more can I ask for? :D


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