Saturday, September 18, 2010

Martha's Crumb Cake..

I've been wanting to try making this cake ever since I saw it in an episode of Cake Boss (Reality Show of the famous Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey), where most people says they have the most exquisite Crumb Cake you'll ever have. I thought I'll do some research about this cake and hopefully, if I'm lucky to find the perfect recipe, I'd be able to add this up on my home-baking business menu. That way, I can introduce it to Filipinos that are not really familiar with this type of cake. After weeks of searching, I finally decided to start with Martha Stewart's recipe of New York Crumb Cake.

I know I'm not a pro, but I'm just going to share my viewpoint of the recipe. I honestly didn't get the taste I was expecting. The cake was dry, dense and bland. I was absolutely sure I followed the recipe perfectly and I even bought the best ingredients because I had such high expectation that it's going to turn out superb. Or maybe that's how it should really taste but it's just not my type of cake. I really want to want this but I really don't. But like I said, this is just my viewpoint of the recipe. We all have different standards for food.

I still plan to try other recipes of this cake or even make my own until I find the right one that will pass the Filipinos' distinctive taste.


Belinda @zomppa said...

What beautiful photos of a beautiful cake!

KC Monteras said...

Thanks Belinda!

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